A Mayweaver

Slowly Woven for Your Home


What I Make

Wall Art

Colorful wall art in various sizes, designed and made to brighten up your home


Colorful minimal coasters for mugs or other small home-pieces, like vases, candles etc.

Rugs and Table Runners

Small statement rugs and table runners in bright colors


I can’t imagine reading a great book without a cozy bookmark


Colorful bracelets and necklaces in boho style

DIY Kits

If you’d like to make your very own special piece, I’m here to help!

What I do

Handwoven Art and Home Decoration

Each and every one of my weavings are made slowly, with focus, love and care, because I believe that every piece I create brings a small spark from me and from the manner it was created to its new home.

Here you can find handwoven wall art in various sizes, which are designed to bring color, warmth and texture to your walls. I also make woven rugs, coasters, bookmarks and necklaces. All items are designed and made by me, in our Budapest-based home. I am open to custom orders too, I’d be more than happy to create something just for you! Please feel free to contact me! Happy browsing!


If you would like to learn about modern weaving techniques, check out the dates for upcoming events in Budapest!

Where can you meet me?

Let’s meet at WAMP design fairs at Budapest!



Where can you meet me?

Let’s meet at the Wamp fair Budapest


Stay tuned for 2024 fair and workshop dates