About Me

A Journey in Weaving
“Weaving is an art, an expression of our time, which can have the brilliance of a painting, the dimension of sculpture, the shape of invention, and the form of imagination.”
Else Regensteiner, The Art of Weaving, Edition II

A slow form of art brought by an energized little girl

Hi, I’m Piro. I design and create everything you see here (well, almost everything: my husband helps me a lot in all the things but weaving :). So I live with my husband, our 2 kids and a cocker spaniel. Our children go to Waldorf-school, and we love this waldorf-life very much.

I am a psychologist, but after the birth of my first child (11 years ago) I wanted to do something different, something with my own two hands. I tried a couple of things, but I always say that my second child “brought” weaving into my life when she was born (8 years ago). On one night after her birth a woven wallhanging popped up in front of my eyes on the internet. It was a true love story: I fell in love immediately, and I felt that this is what I wanted to do. Then I taught myself how to weave, and I’ve quickly found the process to be the very best me-time and creative outlet for me.

But somehow weaving means so much more: maybe because of my daughter, maybe because of its slowness, and how I can really get lost in the process.. So it’s been almost 8 years, and I’m still in love with this beautiful, slow form of art.

In my shop I am offering woven wall art in different sizes, as well as coasters, necklaces, bookmarks and rugs. I work with natural fibers only, and wool is my favorite one. I also love to dye some of my fibers myself, with botanical dyes. I work on different sized frame looms, most of them are made by my husband.

I find color and pattern inspiration in a lot of things around me: nature, buildings, paintings, rugs. When I start a weaving, I usually have some color and shape plan in my head, but during the process I almost always change it up, depending on how the piece evolves, how the colors are interacting with each other etc. A lot of times I try to capture an emotion in my weavings – at such times I paint this feeling first, and then I weave it, based on the painting.

Color is very important to me, both in my work and in my personal life – I believe in the huge impact they have on our mood, our feelings. I love experimenting with it.

The origin of my business-name: May is my favorite month of the year and not only because it’s my birthday-month. For me, May is a whimsical, magical month, the month of all the dreams…and I am definitely a dreamer.

My mission with my work is to send some (a lot of!) color and a little bit of texture to your home, and some good old slowness, woven into every single one of my pieces.

Thank you for stopping by!