A Journey in Weaving


If you like to create with your hands and you’d like to learn a really special new form of craft, meanwhile you switch off and recharge, I’d be more than happy to meet you on one of my small workshops! My goal with my workshops is -beside of course creating your own woven piece- to give you a taste into the magical, slow and meditative process of weaving, so that you can reach for it every time you feel a little underwhelmed by this rushing world. 
My workshops are mainly for adults, but there are possibilities for mother-daughter/son workshops, and I’m open to personal inquiries too (individual workshops, workshops for children, and workshops on family and other small events). My workshops are held in hungarian language. Currently there’s no possibility for online workshops. 
amayweaver workshop

Upcoming workshops


    • 2024.05.26 (Sunday) 10.00-13.00 – Weaving on a frame loom – basics
    • 2024.05.26 (Sunday) 15.00-18.00 – Mother-daughter/son weaving
    • 2024.06.07 (Friday) 17.00-19.00 – Bracelet/bookmark weaving
    • 2024.06.08 (Saturday) 10.00-13.00 Weaving on a frame loom – basics KOMÁROM
    • 2024.06.23 (Sunday) 10.00-13.00 – Weaving on a frame loom – basics
    • 2024.07.05 (Friday) 17.00-19.00 – Bracelet/bookmark weaving
    • 2024.07.07 (Sunday) 10.00-13.00 – Weaving on a frame loom – basics
    • 2024.07.07 (Sunday) 15.00-18.00 – Mother-daughter/son weaving

 Workshop address: 1116 Budapest, Mélykút utca 21

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